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Oct 30, 2022

Honestly, I am not sure how much CPU need would be, and I am not sure how I need to calculate it for our use-case.

RAM should be enough to push the content to YouTube API. I assume 64 gigs of RAM should be enough. Again this is just my assumption. I haven’t arrived at that number by calculating.

As far as storage is concerned, we just want to download the video file to our host temporarily for a few hours and push it to YouTube API right away. We are not planning to store the content at our end for a longer time duration. So assuming that we need 15 TB bandwidth in a month. One day of data storage should be enough so I guess anywhere between 500 GB to 1 TB of storage should be enough for us.

Location: We are fine to be in any location be it the US, or Europe. Our current setup with AWS is in the US Oregon region. So I would prefer this host to be in the US as well.

Budget: I assume a few hundred dollars every month. I do not want to compromise the quality of the server for price. So a few dollars here and there won’t make a difference as long as it gives us long-duration reliability.

Management Level: I am not sure about this. What do you mean by management level? We can handle the servers at our end but in case of any critical failures, we should ideally be supported at a rapid pace.

To give an example: AWS had downtime in the AWS Oregon region a few weeks back on the API gateway for a few hours and we had to tackle 100s of queries due to that. So, in cases like these, the host should have a team that can help and can fix things fast.

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Hardware is hardware, regardless of who’s offering them. The difference between AWS and (some) of the hosts here is when you face issue at AWS, you just move to a new instance with easy to use and correctly functioning automation.

With a dedi provider, you often have to deal with human intervention who (in bad scenarios) instead of solving problems often resort to TOS thumping, finger pointing and blaming, and other acts of hair splitting. So you must avoid hosts with that kind of history.

You haven’t answered these: “cpu, ram, storage, location, budget, management level.”

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