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Mar 3, 2023

website testing? | Web Hosting Talk

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  1. website testing?

    I’m having some issues with my hosting provider, in that my website comes up and down (404, 505,etc.). It’s down, I ask them to fix, a day later it’s fixed, and then a few hours later it’s unfixed. That’s happened several times, and is pretty annoying. Don’t have any direct communication with the upper tier support that is allegedly doing the work. So my confidence in a permanent fix is shaky. What I’d like is some testing service to poke at my website say, every hour or so, maybe for a week or two, and report back to me if it is offline. Is there any free service that will do this for me? As in, I give a URL and my e-mail address, and it informs me if the website isn’t up.

  2. There is a free service of uptimerobot but with limited feature.

  3. Uptime Doctor is another free one.

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