I really don’t use any Social Media platform on a personal basis, but on a business level, I find Facebook really useful if you want to embed their timelines in your website just to announce company news & events, etc complete with multimedia including videos. I have a website (non WordPress) where I use multiple embedded Facebook timelines. It works well, it’s reliable, it’s simple, and it’s “free”. But I’m concerned about how tainted Facebook is in the online community, although I think they are very valuable for business purposes. It seems you can also embed a Twitter based Timeline that basically does the same thing. The good thing about embedding Facebook or Twitter timelines is the complete package, so you don’t have to worry about using any kind of “Widget” provider which creates an extra complication. I’m just wondering if any other online (social media, anything, free or paid {as long as it’s simple and reliable}) service allows you to embed their “Timeline” directly and simply. I wish Google or Microsoft had something like that to provide embedded Timelines on a more generic level. It would be nice to have a reliable embedded Timeline service that doesn’t have “Facebook” or “Twitter” markings stick out like a sore thumb. I or my clients don’t really have a problem with the current situation of Facebook timelines in my website. I just wish I could do it more generically and low-key. Any other options?