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Sep 17, 2022

Cheap Windows VPS/RDP with dedicated IP
Anti Suspend, Stable and Money Back Guarantee!
This is not trial from googlecloud, vultr, aws etc. We bought Dedicated Server and setup them with our hand!
Stock limited, first come first service!

Mini Package – 1CPU – 1GBRAM – 30GB SSD: 3.4$/Mo
Light Package – 1CPU- 2GB RAM – 30GB SSD: 5.1$/Mo
Speed Package – 2 CPU – 4GB RAM – 40GB SSD: 6.8$/Mo
Super Package – 3 CPU – 8GB RAM – 80GB SSD: 12.75$/Mo

Location: Canada
Bandwidth: Unlimited
IP: Dedicated IP
O/S: Windows 2012 R2

PROMO 15% recurring discount for life! Code: wht15

Order it from Here
Contact: sales [at]

Why Dark VPS?

  • In business from 2017
  • We are known as “Support Hero”, you can see our thread on seo clerks and also in Indonesian biggest publisher
  • Experienced Technical Support
  • Dedicated IP included! No hidden cost!
  • Can be used for Forex, TE (hitleap, otohits, etc.), Mass Planner, imacros, or any other bots for 24 hours
  • Renewable without loosing your data and you keep the same IP.
  • Free to reboot without worry
  • Full Administrator
  • 7 days money back guarantee!

Term of Use:

  • Mining is not allowed
  • Any illegal activities: hacking, cracking, carding, phising, spamming, porn, etc are prohibited!
  • Setup SSH for public consumption is not allowed
  • You can not use your vps for public download’s file database
  • We use dedicated IP, if your vps blocked by google, there will be no refund or ip replacement
  • Special for jingling/ipts, you cannot use both of them, you are allowed to run one of them.
  • Any act against the TOS will result on vps suspension and no refund!

You buy, it means you are agree with above terms!


Does darkvps reseller?
Nope, we setup them with our own hand
How do we connect to our vps?
By default using RDP from windows. You can use anydesk or teamviewer if you like.
Is this renewable?
Can we install any software?
Yup, as long as not against the TOS
Do you use google cloud, aws, vultr, etc?
Can we reinstall our windows?
Yes, just create a ticket via your control panel, we will do it for FREE
When VPS will ready?
If stock available, you can have it for 10 minutes
Can we change our password?
Is it unlimited bandwidth?

Keep in mind, stocks are limited, first come first service! thank you

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