Plesk Log Browser: Tips and Tricks

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Dec 10, 2022

Have you had an issue with a server or a service recently? Or maybe you’re having one right now? If so, the quickest way to identify the root cause can be analyzing the log files.

Activating our server-wide Log Browser extension can make the life of a Plesk admin easier when it comes to use cases like:  

  • Investigating service logs and statuses
  • Searching for errors and warnings in journald logs
  • Filtering out for content of the Plesk panel.log file
  • Investigating email-related issues.

Let me walk you through troubleshooting each one of these.

Investigate Service Logs and Statuses

I deliberately broke the config of one of the services on my server to show you how quickly you can  identify the issue and figure out what went wrong.

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