Hello Everyone,

Leapswitch Networks now offers Bare-Metal Dedicated Servers with Free BGP IPv4/IPv6 announcement under your ASN in

Mumbai Tier4 Certified Datacenter!

Processor RAM Storage Bandwidth Optional Free IPv4 Buy Now Buy Now
E5-2667v4 64 GB RAM 2x480GB SSD 10TB on 1G Linux/Windows 01 ₹ 8500 $ 110
E5-2667v4 64 GB RAM 2x960GB SSD 10TB on 1G Linux/Windows 01 ₹ 9500 $ 125
E5-2680v4 256 GB RAM 2×1.92TB SSD 10TB on 1G Linux/Windows 01 ₹ 11500 $ 145

Why Leapswitch Networks?

  • Established in 2006, is one of India’s fast-growing and leading provider of web hosting.
  • We are a registered companyLeapswitch Networks Pvt. Ltd in India and Leapswitch Networks, Inc in USA.
  • We operate out of 18 worldwide locations in 3 continents in 10 countries.
  • We own the Servers and Network equipment. We do not rent servers from other providers.
  • Fast Provisioning Bare Metal servers with maximum flexibility and without any set up fee.
  • Custom configure of OS, CPU, RAM, SSD, HDD, Network Ports, Firewall and much more.
  • Upto 20G DDoS Protection.
  • 99.95% Uptime SLA.
  • IPv6 and IPv4 Support.
  • Fast & Redundant Network.
  • cPanel and Plesk license available for an additional fee.
  • One stop solution for any requirement.

If you require a custom solution or have additional questions, sales team is available and happy to assist you.