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Mar 2, 2023

First, I apologize to IOFLOOD and the community for this delayed review. It’s not like I was too busy for the last two years to write this review.

I own a SaaS platform and have been re-selling servers with many providers worldwide for seven years. I have been a customer of IOFLOOD for over two years now, and their services have been exceptional.

So yeah, you’ll see me praising IOFLOOD all through this review. However, this review will never be enough compared to the amount of growth they brought to my business.

Performance & Uptime: The performance of their servers is simply outstanding. The hardware and the network have been more than enough to satisfy my customers. Alongside that, I have hardly experienced any downtime except for some planned maintenance.

Customer Support: Their customer support team is top-notch. They are always available to help me whenever I encounter any issues. Their response time is rapid, and they always go the extra mile to resolve my problems satisfactorily.

Pricing: The pricing is very reasonable for the quality of service that IOFLOOD provides. I have compared their prices with other providers, and I can confidently say that they offer the best value for money.

I highly recommend IOFLOOD to anyone needing a dedicated server. They are professional and reliable, and their services are top-notch. I am a very happy customer and intend to continue using their services for many years.

Thank you, IOFLOOD! @funkywizard

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