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May 21, 2022

A free SSL certificate is not something you can get easily from any hosting company because they come at a price for major companies.

Free SSL Certificate is offered for free of cost by many companies to increase their sales and customer base, which is actually a good deal for many freebies.

Getting a free trusted SSL certificate has become a major upgrade for web publishers because Google has set a deadline for it, which will be effective after July of 2018.

Importance of free SSL certificate

Let’s take out the word “Free” out of SSL certificates and give a benefit of the doubt.

Not many people know the importance of an SSL certificate because they exist for a purpose and they become mandatory in 2018.

Free SSL Certificate

We all are aware of the fact that hacking, phishing, and online fraud have become a major problem globally.

CNN, The Guardian, and Forbes have reported that more than €190 billion euros in online frauds are taking place every single year. The majority of it is from credit cards and debit cards.

Google plays a major role in solving that problem because they are currently ranking many sites that are part of these frauds.

An SSL certificate is signed by an authorized company that has website owner details, contact info, and other details which enables Google to identify the website owner. While all of the owners of the fraudulent site are anonymous.

An SSL certificate eliminates anonymity and eliminates the risk of fraud.

How to check the SSL certificate on the website

Check Your site protected or not

Chrome & Mozilla is the leading web browser around the world and they ensured to add a tool that tells them about secured sites and unsecured sites.

You can check SSL certificate with inbuilt web browser tools.

On Mozilla, secured site.

On Mozilla, unsecured site.

The same theory applies to Chrome and other major browsers as well. Sometimes SSL error can happen as well,

So, refreshing to recheck SSL certificate status.

Free SSL Vs Paid SSL

The gap between Free and Paid is something anyone can guess. There are
certain limitations that come with it, which we will tell you about it.

Domain Validation – For those who have not dug deep into the free SSL certificates topic need to know about it.

 SSL Vs Paid SSL

Free SSL certificates come with domain validation, not personal information, which Google is asking for it. If you are running a blog or a small business site, then it will suffice.

eCommerce – If you are running an eCommerce site, then free SSL certificates are not for you.

The more personal information you ask your customers, the need for premium SSL certificates increases.

Blogs, Web publishers (informational-based sites), and small business sites can live with free SSL certificates, but sites like Shopping,

online stores, and purchases via credit card and debit card have no room for free SSL certificates.

Free SSL Certificate with Free Hosting

You can also get cheap SSL certificates cost is low, but there are companies that provide Free website Hosting with free SSL certificates

because it helps them increase brand visibility, and customer base, and strengthen the brand.

Popular & Affordable companies like NameCheap and GoogieHost offering free SSL certificates.

Yes! it’s really…

If you are someone who does not invest in hosting and SSL, then you can move to Free Hosting with SSL, which is ideal for beginners.

GoogieHost comes with free hosting and free SSL certificate,

while NameCheap requires you to buy a paid hosting to use an SSL certificate that has an expiry date.

How to Install SSL certificate


First, know your needs, if you want Free or Premium hosting with an SSL certificate with no expiry date, then GoogieHost has it.

NameCheap Company is also good, but you have to buy premium hosting and an SSL certificate will be free for only the first year.

Let, us know your thoughts.

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