Over the past few days we’d been getting calls (833 toll free number) from someone claiming to be the fraud department of our local bank, regarding a debit card belonging to someone here. They had the full name, bank and last 4 of the debit, but something seemed off. The call started off with a short musical “chime”, a few notes long, so automated, but that seemed odd for a fraud call.
They’d like us to get in touch, gives a case number and so on.
We called the bank directly, and they had no suspicious activity on that card or account, nor had they called us.

Knew it.
On day 2, the calling number changed to a different 833 number. Same story.
Decided to look into the number, and see if anyone else was seeing these.

Here’s one complaint:

I was asked to contact this number regarding “unusual activity” on my bank card. Since I had recently had a dispute over a transaction, I thought it was a follow-up call. The case number they gave me failed 3 times so I was transferred to a person. While talking to the foreign sounding representative, I heard chickens in the background. No fraud center I have ever talked to had chickens in their office so I immediately hung up.

Case closed.