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Juil 20, 2023

Minecraft is a game where you get a gaming experience of fantastic adventure with limitless possibilities like mining, building safe zones, fighting, looting your enemy’s safe zones, and much more. It has come a long way since its launch and has become one of the most popular games in the world today.

Usually, people play it on their PCs, unaware of the fact that much better gaming can be experienced while you are connected to a server. And we don’t want you to miss that same experience.

Hence, in this article, we have curated a list of the best free Minecraft server hosting providers

In addition to the best companies that provide servers for Minecraft, we have listed some basic server specifications that will help you in choosing one of those best free Minecraft servers hosting 24/7 with mods. So without any further delay, let’s get started.

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What is Minecraft Server Hosting?

Whether running a large online Minecraft community or just playing with your friends, hosting your Minecraft game on a reliable server will undoubtedly boost your gaming experience and save your achievements with top-notch security and backups. 

Usually, gamers choose servers instead of PCs because it runs smoothly on the servers, and PCs have some limitations — they may lag in the middle of the game and can completely ruin the gaming experience.

So the services where you get specially optimised servers for Minecraft are called Minecraft server hosting.


Many service providers in the market offer free Minecraft servers, which you can use and then enjoy the game even more!

Minecraft Server Hosting Requirements

In this section, we have mentioned some basic server features required to host Minecraft and run smoothly without causing any kind of lagging or interruptions.

Minimum Minecraft Server Hosting Requirements

Minecraft requires some specific configurations to run it smoothly — it depends upon the number of players joining the game, which we have explained below, so you check it out.

The Number of Player CPU specifications RAM Disk space( HDD)
1-2 players Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 2000+ 1GB 5 GB with backup storage.
3-5 players Intel core or AMD K8 with 3.4 GHz  3 GB 10GB with backup storage.
6 and more Intel Nehalem-based CPUs or AMD K10 with 3.6 GHz 6GB 18 GB with Backup storage.

The specifications mentioned above are the basic ones required to run Minecraft. But here, we will recommend some specifications that you can choose for an ultra-smooth experience. 

The number of Players CPU specifications RAM Disk space( HDD)
1-2 players Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 2000+ 2 GB 10 GB with backup storage.
3-5 players Intel core or AMD K8 with 3.4 GHz  5 GB 18 GB with backup storage
6 and more Intel Nehalem-based CPUs or AMD K10 with 3.6 GHz 8 GB 25 GB with backup storage.

3 Best Free Minecraft Server Hosting Providers

For your convenience, we have filtered out some of the free Minecraft server hosting providers so that you don’t have to put extra effort in search of free hosting.

 And here is the list as follows.

1. Aternos

Get the best-in-class free Minecraft server hosting with full customisation at Aternos and experience better gaming with your friends or community.

Aternos servers are entirely equipped with automatic data backups, so you don’t need to be concerned about your data and game achievements — everything will be safely secured in their backup storage.

It has served more than 74,000,000 Users since its launch, and over 1 million gamers enjoy Minecraft daily.


Aternos Features

Let’s discuss some of its key features, which made it to be placed on the top of our list.

???? Full customization: Aternos servers have full customization settings, so you can configure them as needed. Users can also optimize server resources to boost performance.

???? Automatic backups: Its systems are equipped with automatic data backup settings to ensure that your data and game achievements are completely safe on their servers.

???? DDoS protection: DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of services attacks performed to make rushed users, which can either crash the server resources or eat up all your resources. Aternos server is completely secured against the DDoS attack.

???? Easy integration settings: Aternos provides Minecraft-optimized servers, making it easy to integrate with Minecraft. 

???? Dedicated Minecraft servers: Aternos provides you with personal servers that are only assigned to you with none to share your resources with.

Aternos Pros & Cons

Its features seem pretty impressive, isn’t it?  Now let’s discuss its pros and cons to understand the complete picture of its services.


  • Personal servers for the unrestricted gaming experience.
  • Free to use
  • Mods and plugins can also be integrated.
  • Unlimited slots.
  • Real-time access


  • Minimal plugins are available.
  • No midfield config files are acceptable.

2. Servers.pro

After landing on Server pro’s website, the first thing that grabbed our attention was its simple and user-friendly website interface — we found everything to be well labeled, making it easy to navigate the features, pricing, and all the other sections.

We put all our efforts into researching Server Pro’s services and found that it is one of the leading free Minecraft server providers that offer you multiple server options to choose one of the best servers according to your needs — all thanks to its widely distributed data centers.

In addition to Minecraft, you can play many more games on their server like counter strike, Left4dead, starboard, Among us, etc.

Servers.pro About

The best part about Server pro is that it provides you with the servers with the latest and most advanced hardware technologies. For example, it provides the latest NVMe SSD disk space to provide you with ultra-smooth storage capacity.

Servers.pro Features

Here, in this section, we will discuss some of the key features that separate it from the other service providers in the market.

???? Multi-admin options: With its easily configurable servers, you can share your servers’ complete control with your friends and play.

???? Latest hardware technology: It uses the latest hardware to provide you with better performance and gaming experience.

???? DDoS protection: If you have created a community, your servers are more prone to DDoS attacks, aiming to eat all resources with a rushed attack of fake users. But don’t worry server.pro provides you with complete security against DDoS attacks.

???? Plugin installer: Server.pro offers to integrate plugins to your servers with any plugin that you want to use to boost server performance and gaming experience.

???? Premium storage: It provides up to 80 GBs of NVMe SSD storage that can be upgraded with their premium plans.

You can read here an in-depth server pro review.

Servers.pro Pros & Cons

Let’s discuss some of its pros and cons to get an exact idea of its services’ authenticity and reliability.


  • Instant setup
  • Latest hardware technologies
  • File access
  • Full DDoS protection.


  • Limited players are allowed.
  • No daily backups.
  • Limited plugins

3. Minefort.com

Create custom gaming servers with Minefort.com and get a fantastic gaming experience with Instant setup and pre-configured servers — just join it with your team or community and start enjoying your game.

Simply creating your account on their website is enough, and you can use their gaming server with premium features at no cost!

Minefort.com is one of the top picks of initial-level gamers who do not have enough funds to buy dedicated gaming servers but are interested in playing games like Minecraft. We have discussed its features, pros and cons to understand their service’s authenticity in detail.

Minefort About

Minefort Features

Let’s quickly glance at their key features to get an exact idea of whether their servers are reliable or not.

???? Free services: In addition to 1 GB of storage, it provides multiple unique features with its servers free of cost.

???? Play with the team:  At Minefort, you can create a team of a maximum of 10 players and enjoy the game without any restrictions.

????Full FTP access:  FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, which transmits files between the server and the client. Full FTP access allows easy-to-install new plugins and uploads media files on your server.

???? Latest Hardware technology: Minefort uses the latest hardware technologies like NVMe SSD storage to provide you with blazing-fast performance.

Pros & Cons

Here in this section, we will discuss some of their pros and cons to understand their services better.


  • Latest hardware technologies
  • Easily integrated with plugins
  • Smooth user interface
  • Full access to your files.
  • Can be easily upgraded for premium features


  • Limited players are allowed

Best Minecraft Server Hosting Providers for 2023

The above-mentioned free Minecraft servers are quite impressive, aren’t they? But we recommend you go with premium services to get optimum performance and gaming experience because free services are not always worthwhile in the long run.

Here’s the list of the best premium Minecraft server providers.

1. Hostinger – Powerful Minecraft Server Hosting 

Hostinger is one of the most popular server hosting providers when it comes to web hosting, but significantly fewer people are aware of its Minecraft dedicated servers.

So let’s talk about its Minecraft server hosting services.

Hostinger is founded in 2004, Hostinger has recently started Minecraft server hosting services, which is why it is comparatively less popular in the field of gaming servers, even though it has included quite impressive features in its plans.

hostinger about

Hostinger Features

Here in this section, we will discuss its features to understand its services better.

???? Limitless plugins: Hostinger allows you to integrate as many plugins to your servers as you want to boost your server performance and gaming experience.

???? Full-Root access: Hostinger provides you full root access to your server to configure its settings as per your needs.

???? Maximum uptime guarantee: To provide you with a smooth gaming experience, its servers are configured to provide as maximum uptime as possible. They provide a 99.99% uptime guarantee with servers.

???? Blazing fast performance: Hostinger has optimized its services to provide you with better speed and performance and decrease the latency as much as possible.

 Hostinger Pros & Cons

 Let’s quickly glance at their pros and cons to get a neutral perspective on its services.


  • Instant and easy setup
  • Full DDoS protection
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Blazing fast performance
  • Full root access


  • It has comparatively more expertise in web hosting. 

2. Apex Hosting – Best Minecraft Server Hosting Provider

Web hosting servers were very prevalent in the market, but significantly fewer people were aware of the gaming server.

ApexHosting was founded to solve the same issue — the lack of awareness about gaming servers.

Founded in 2013, ApexHosting built a robust hosting infrastructure and the best team of technical experts to help users at every stage of their gaming journey and make them comfortable with gaming servers.

ApexHosting About

Today, Apex Hosting has served more than 600,000 customers across 170 countries.

Read Here: ApexHosting Review

Apex Hosting Features

Let’s look at their key features to get an exact idea about their reliability:

???? Automated Data-backup: ApexHosting provides guaranteed offsite data backup that makes your data completely safe and secure.

???? Blazing fast server performance:  It provides your servers with special features to decrease the server latency as much as possible.

???? Multiple Data centers: it provides you with multiple service options to choose all thanks to its widely distributed data centers.

???? Excellent customer support: ApexHosting has built a dedicated team of technical experts to provide 24*7 customer support and help you get your problems fixed.

???? Instant set-up: It provides ready-to-use robust servers within 5 minutes. Just after you place the order for your desired plans.

Apex Hosting Pros & Cons

Here in this section, we will discuss some of its pros and cons that will play a vital role in your decisions.


  • Excellent customer support
  • Free subdomain
  • Reliable uptime guarantee
  • Automatic Data backups
  • 24*7 live customer support


  • No dedicated IP is provided
  • Relatively expensive plans

3. Shockbyte – Best Gaming Server Provider

Shockbyte was founded and registered in 2013 in Australia to provide best-in-class gaming servers to provide a better gaming experience.

It is especially popular for its powerful gaming servers that you can also get for rent if you don’t want to own them forever. And in addition to Minecraft, it offers you many more games that you can upload to their server and enjoy!

ShockByte about

Shockbyte Features

Let’s look at the key features that make Shockbyte one of the leading Minecraft server hosting providers.

???? Top-notch security: Along with fast performance, Shockbyte provides you full security against DDoS attacks or any other malicious attacks.

???? Instant setup: Just register on their website, configure your gaming server, and complete the payment — Your servers will be ready to use in just a while, thanks to its instant setup feature.

???? Latest Hardware technology:  Shockbyte provides the latest and best-in-class hardware technology. For example, it gives you gaming servers with the latest NVMe SSD storage for better performance.

???? Money-Back Guarantee: It is very rare to see a money-back guarantee in the gaming servers, but Shockbyte offers to cancel services anytime within 72 hours of your purchase.

Pros & Cons

Its features seem amazing, right? Let’s go through its pros and cons to get the complete picture of its reliability.


  • Latest and fast NVMe SSD storage
  • Guaranteed DDoS protection
  • 100% Uptime guaranteed
  • 24*7 customer support


  • Only Rental servers are available

4. GameTeam – Affordable Gaming Service Provider

GameTeam is one of the youngest gaming service providers on our list. It was established just a year ago, which makes it comparatively less reliable than the other Minecraft Gaming server hosting providers.

As mentioned on its website, GameTeam offers services across 16+ locations worldwide with affordable server plans and impressive features.

And the best part I liked about GameTeam is its elegant-looking dashboard which is provided to manage the resources.

GameTeam About

GameTeam Features

Here in this section, we will discuss some key features required to understand its services better.

???? 24*7 customer support: The best part about GameTeam is that it provides you 24*7 live customer support via chat, email, and tickets.  

???? Top-notch security: GameTeam ensures your data security by providing complete security against DDoS, script injection attacks,s or any kind of malicious attack.

???? Enterprise-level hardware: It has equipped its services with the latest and fast hardware technology. For example, NVMe SSD storage.

???? 99.99% uptime guarantee: Uptime tells you about your server’s availability—the more uptime, the better performance of your server will be.

Pros & Cons

Here in this section, we will discuss some of its pros and cons to understand its service better.


  • 99.99% Uptime guarantee
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Latest NVMe SSD storage
  • Full DDoS protection

5. Sparked Host – Most Popular Minecraft Server Providers,

In addition to Minecraft, you can play a variety of games on Sparked Host’s premium gaming servers with blazing-fast performance and a better gaming experience. It provides you with really impressive features in its plans with Enterprise-Level hardware.

Established in 2017, It is one of the most popular Minecraft server hosting providers, primarily known for its robust, reliable, high-quality server infrastructure.

Sparked Host offers you multiple gaming server options to choose one of the best servers according to your needs — thanks to its widely distributed data centers.

Sparked Host About

Sparked Host Features

To better understand their service, we will have to discuss the key features that are included in their services — they are as follows. 

???? Instant setup: It doesn’t matter how heavy resources you have chosen — your servers will be activated and ready to use within a few hours of your payment.

???? Excellent customer support:  Sparked Host provides you 24*7 customer support with its Live chat, ticket, and Discord community, where the world’s best brains are available to solve your queries.

???? Full DDoS Protection:  With blazing-fast performance, it also provides top-notch security against DDoS or any other malicious attacks on your server.

???? Affordable plans:  The best part of Sparked Host is that it provides its users with reasonable services.

Pros & Cons

Let’s quickly glance its pros and cons to understand the complete picture of its service’s authenticity.


  • Top-notch security
  • Very affordable
  • Multiple game options to play
  • Excellent customer support
  • Robust server infrastructure

6. GG Servers – Reliable Gaming Server Provider

If you are looking for a reliable gaming server provider, then GG Server can be a perfect option for you — as far as we have read the customer’s reviews and ratings on various trusted platforms.

The best part about GG server is that it uses the latest hardware technologies to provide best-in-class gaming servers with mind-blowing gaming experiences.

For example, you will get blazing-fast NVMe SSD storage with upgraded storage capacity.

GG Servers About

GG Servers Features

Here in this section, we have mentioned some key features that will help us choose the services wisely.

???? Excellent customer support:  GG Server provides 24*7 customer support with a dedicated technical team to solve your queries as quickly as possible. You can easily contact them via tickets, knowledge base, live chat and discord community.

???? Powerful resources: In addition to its latest hardware technology, you get powerful resources like 250 Mbps uplink, 400 mb+ data storage etc.

???? Unmetered Bandwidth: With GG Server, you get unmetered bandwidth which means you can use the allocated bandwidth resources without any restrictions.

???? Free DDoS Protection:  Usually, some service providers offer you DDoS protection as a paid option, but GG Server provides free DDoS protection in their services.

GG Servers Pros & Cons

Let’s discuss some of its major pros and cons to get an unbiased perspective of its services.


  • Powerful resources
  • Latest hardware technology
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free DDoS protection
  • Instant activation


  • No call support is available.

7. HostHavoc – Over Best Minecraft Server Hosting

Create your world of gaming with HostHovac at just the most affordable price in the market. You will also get a money-back guarantee, which means you can cancel your services within a few clicks and get your money back too!

HostHovac has been one of the leading Minecraft Server hosting providers since 2013.

Initially, it was registered in Canada, but later it expanded its services to almost every part of the world and currently is serving more than 5000 active customers across the globe.

HostHavoc About

HostHavoc Features

Here are the remarkable features of HostHovac that make it popular among gaming enthusiasts.

???? Advance settings:  HostHovac allows you to do system configurations or settings based on your needs.

???? Money-back guarantees: It also offers you the option to cancel its services anytime within 3 days and get your every penny back.

???? Complete control over your server:  With Full root access, you can make any security changes on your server without any restrictions.

???? High-performance Hardware:  It has equipped its servers with the latest and blazing-fast hardware, like NVMe SSD storage, CPU cores, etc., to provide you with optimum performance.

 HostHavoc Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of its services that can help you to make your decisions wisely.


  • Root access to the servers
  • Blazing fast hardware technologies
  • Money back guarantee
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Free DDoS protection

8. BisectHosting – Cheap Game Server Hosting

BisectHosting has built its user interface by giving it a very elegant look that instantly attracts our eyes, and the best part is that you can also switch to dark/light mode as per your comfort.

But a good user interface of the website is not enough to choose their services; that is why we looked at the key features included in their services.

While reading about its features we were quite impressed because some of them were really good and are necessary to provide better performance and gaming experience.

BisectHosting About

BisectHosting Features

Here are some key features we found while reading about its services.

???? Automated updates: The best part about Bisect hosting is that you don’t need to put extra effort into updating your server’s data— it will automatically update your data with its innovative update configurations.

 ???? Blazing fast SSD storage: You will get the latest and most powerful NVMe SSD storage, which can boost your gaming experience.

???? Bedrock version servers: Bedrock is the latest edition for gaming servers that are compatible with all types of OS like Android, iOS etc.

???? Unmetered storage: Unmetered storage means you can use all your allocated storage without any interruption or restriction.

BisectHosting Pros & Cons

Here in this section, we have mentioned some key features to understand its services better.


  • Full DDoS protection.
  • Multiple server options
  • Custom control panel
  • Daily backup options


  • No call support available

9. Nodecraft – Powerful Gaming Servers

You can instantly play any game of your choice with Nodecraft’s powerful gaming servers and enjoy every part of it with optimized gaming servers.

It is providing gaming servers in the market since 2012 and has satisfied every customer with its quality services.

It also offers you a free hosting trial that can be accessed without any credit card or initial payment with the same experience as in the premium services

Nodecraft About

Nodecraft Features

Here, in this section, we glance at some of their key features to understand their services in detail.

???? Save and swap: This unique feature allows you to play and switch to any game. Its save and swap feature will automatically save your progress in the game so that you can restart your game at the same point you left it.

???? Instant setup: You just need to order your desired server — it will be activated and ready to use in just a few hours.

 ???? Cloud backup: It is very rare to see cloud backups in the gaming server, usually found in the web hosting server, but Nodecraft provides you with Cloud backup so that your data can restore even if any misfortune happens.

???? Dedicated IP address:  Nodecraft also provides a dedicated IP address to every user to protect their privacy and be anonymous while enjoying the game.

Pros & Cons

Let’s discuss some of its pros and cons the get the complete picture of its services.


  • Full DDoS protection
  • One click installation
  • Free subdomain and dedicated IP
  • Unlimited player slots

10. OmgServ – Free Minecraft Server Hostings

In addition to premium gaming server plans, OmgServ also provides free Minecraft server hostings with almost the same but significantly limited resources.

Although its user interface was not very elegant or even impressive, we navigated to its services, features, and plans sections to understand whether its services are reliable or not.

And we found out that some of its features were quite interesting, and reliable and grabbed our attention which we have discussed in detail in the features section. Without any further delay, let’s quickly get into it.

OmgServ About

OmgServ Features

Here are some key features mentioned to understand its service’s quality.

???? Unmetered RAM: The best part about OmgServ is that it provides you with unmetered RAM, which means you can host as many games as you want over their allocated RAM without any restrictions.

???? Unmetered SSD storage: Its premium allows you to use the complete allocated storage without any restriction or interruption.

???? Full DDoS protection: DDoS protection is an essential feature that is required to save your server from the fake users intended to eat up all your resources.

???? Easy plugin integration: OmgServ offers services to more than 30,000 plugins to install and instantly boost your gaming experience.

OmgServ Pros & Cons:

Let’s examine its pros and cons to get a complete picture of its reliability.


  • Unmetered resources
  • Best-in-class server infrastructure
  • Latest Intel Xeon series of CPU processors
  • Custom IP address.


  • Technical support is only available on a priority basis

How to make a free Minecraft server – step by step

You won’t believe but creating a free Minecraft server is as easy as enjoying Minecraft with your friends — by following the mentioned steps, you can also create your own Minecraft server, join the team or community and begin the adventure with a mind-blowing gaming experience.

  • Choose one of the mentioned free Minecraft server hosting providers as per your wish (we recommend you to go with Aternos).
  • Create your account and click on the “Create Server” button.
Create Server
  • Enter your Username and click on the next button.
  • Click on the Start button and initiate your server.
Start button
  • You will see this kind of pop-up just click on the Yes, I accept the EULA

Initially, it will take a few minutes to configure your server, but once it’s ready, you can enjoy it anytime.

  • Connect your server to the Minecraft direct connection section.
  • Just hit on the Join server button, and congratulations! You are all set to enjoy the game with your team or community.

How to make a modded Minecraft server for free

Minecraft modded servers allow you to use modified game clients with third-party mods installed through which players can easily enjoy the modded version of Minecraft.

If you want to create a free Minecraft server and install mods over it, then just follow the mentioned steps:

  • Click on the “Software”  section on the dashboard of Aternos (from where you initialized the server)
  • Choose Forge as an option to install mods.
Select the version
  • Reinstall the version you have chosen.
Reinstall the version you have chosen.
  • Click on the Mods and get into the section.
Click on the Mods and get into the section.
  • Search for Decocraft at the search bar
Search for Decocraft at the search bar
  • Download the Mod files on the server.
Download the Mod files
  • Now you have to install the dependencies and for that, go to the search bar, and type ptrlib
  • Download the dependent files that are required to run the mods.
Download the dependent files that are required to run the mods.
  • Once the dependent files are downloaded, go to the Curse forge website and download the DecoCraft file.
Curse forge

It will show you that the files are not safe for your PC but don’t worry they will harm your computer.

  • Now copy the Downloaded files and paste them into the Minecraft programme files.
Minecraft programme files
  • Open Minecraft and connect it with your server

What to Look For In Minecraft Server Hosting?

Although we have already mentioned the best and free Minecraft server hosting provider to reduce your efforts, still section has covered some of the most essential features that you should keep in mind while buying a Minecraft server or choosing the free ones.

  • Full DDoS protection
  • At least 10 GB with backup storage
  • Easy plugins integration
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Instant setup
  • Unrestricted player slots
  • Latest hardware technology

If you remember these points before buying a premium or free Minecraft server then you will definitely get best service provider possible.

Benefits of Running Your Own Minecraft Server

There are many benefits of playing Minecraft on a server instead of your personal computer, some of which we have mentioned below :

  • Smooth and better gaming experience
  • You can play multiple games other than Minecraft
  • You can save all your achievements and progress with daily backup features.
  • It facilitates you to join a team or even your community.

You can get rid of your PC’s heat issues.


Is Minecraft free?

No, Minecraft is not free it costs you around $29.99, but you can definitely get a free Minecraft server hosting

Are free Minecraft servers safe?

It depends upon the service provider you have chosen. We recommend you choose one of the above-mentioned service providers because these are the safest service providers in the market.

Why is my Free Minecraft server lagging?

How much RAM do I need for the Minecraft server?

We recommend you go for 5 GB RAM for optimum performance. Still, if you want an affordable option, then you can also go with at least 3 GB RAM


Despite Minecraft being compatible with personal computers, gamers choose a server to get optimum performance and a mind-blowing gaming experience with it. In addition, you can join the game with your team or even create your community.

So if you are a Minecraft lover or a pro gamer looking for free Minecraft server hosting, the list mentioned above will help you choose the best Minecraft hosting provider so that you can connect successfully with your team and enjoy.

We hope you found this article informative and helped you pick your server wisely. If you have any queries or doubts, feel free to comment below — we will try to respond as soon as possible.

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