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Sep 27, 2023

Cloudflare Integration with Plesk (Beta): Streamlined DNS, Robust Security, and Streamlined Workflows for Webmasters

Plesk’s upcoming integration with Cloudflare is set to simplify DNS record management and enhance website security. This integration allows for importing DNS records from Cloudflare to Plesk and synchronizing changes between the two platforms.

Users are now able to use Cloudflare DNS as an alternative to the local DNS on the Plesk server, offering increased security and robustness. Furthermore, DNS zone synchronisation becomes automated, meaning that users don’t need to manage DNS with Cloudflare for other domains hosted on Plesk. 

Additionally, it automates the renewal of Let’s Encrypt wildcard SSL certificates and enables easy creation of subdomains within Cloudflare.

Overall, Cloudflare integration with Plesk empowers users by providing simplified DNS synchronization, enhanced website security, effortless subdomain management, and smoother workflows. It’s a valuable addition that makes website management more efficient and secure.
You can learn more about this integration here.

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