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Nov 22, 2022

WP Toolkit: The best kit on the block.
The Plesk WP Toolkit is the most complete, secure, and versatile toolkit, offering a feature-rich management interface to install, configure and manage all your WordPress sites with a 150+ extension catalog.

Smart Updates: May the AI be with you.
Automatically update your WordPress core, plugins, and themes using next-gen AI. This power tool mitigates risks by combo cloning and simulating WordPress updates before performing them. Available as a WP Toolkit add-on.

Plesk Email Security: No security, no party.
This extension works as a quick email hosting solution to prevent spam and viruses, allowing you to secure your mailboxes easily. Protect your business from the expanding cyber threat landscape, and mitigate risks now. 

eCommerce Toolkit: There’s no curse in eCommerce.
This toolkit is the all-in-one solution you need to start your online business. Set up your web store, sell your products, scale your business, and easily monitor your success. 

Backup to Cloud Pro: Backup, buttercup!
With this extension, you can schedule automatic backups to the most popular cloud storage effortlessly. Easily set up different backup schedules for Plesk Resellers, Clients, and Subscriptions.

Joomla! Toolkit: CMS without the stress!
The following extension offers a complete solution to mass-manage, secure, and automate all your Joomla! instances, extensions, and templates running on a server managed by Plesk. All from a single point of entry.

ImunifyAV: Zero threats allowed.
An intelligent antivirus and security monitoring tool for websites. Enable customers to become immune to all threats with more complete and automated security to combat viruses, adware, spyware, trojans, and worms. 

Imunify360: Hasta la vista, virus.
This multi-layered web server security platform offers a modular and scalable solution for all. Equipped with advanced firewall/WAF, IDS/IPS, automatic virus and malware removal, malicious PHP script blocking, and much more. 

PageSpeed Insights: Run, page, Run!
The extension analyzes websites’ content and performance to suggest specific improvements. Make your site run faster with PageSpeed Insights to increase your search engine visibility and more.

KernelCare: My server. My precious.
With the following extension, you can enable a live kernel patching service that protects Linux servers against critical attacks. Install kernel updates on the go, perform bug fixes, security patches, and roll back changes.

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