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Jun 25, 2022

Do you have a website? Would you like to place it on the Internet so that you can freely manage it? 

What about the storage of website data? Are you thinking of expanding your business digitally? If yes, What’s next?

Web Hosting becomes an indispensable part when it comes to starting a new website or a new online business. 

Here we are, to make you realize how important it is to buy good and reliable hosting. 

We have listed 8 Best Web Hosting Canada that you can use in 2022 to expand your business. 

Let’s have a look!

Does Best Web Hosting matter for my Website? 

Of course, the right web hosting matters a lot!

Web Hosting matter for my Website

No matter whether you are a beginner or an old player, you will always need the right hosting for storing all the necessary data for your website. 

Web Hosting is something without which you can not even think of building your online presence. 

Best Web Hosting Canada Comparison

There are a variety of competitors in the market offering plethora of services. How to find out the best?

For this, we have compared the Best Web Hosting Canada so that you will be able to analyze the features and choose the right option for you.

Here we go!  

 Best Web hosting In Canada

Web Hosting Main Features Score


BadgeTop 8 Best Web Hosting Canada 2022 for Small Business


  • Pocket Friendly 
  • No high renewal costs
  • Get huge discounts on domain names
  • host unlimited websites
  • free website migration
10 Get Started


Top 8 Best Web Hosting Canada 2022 for Small Business


  • 1. Automatic backup
  • 2. 24/7 operation monitoring
  • 3. professional customer service
  • 4. team-high scalability
  • 5. Free SSL and CDN
9.9 Get Started




  • 1. Amazingly Fast Speed
  • 2. Highly reliable Customer Support
  • 3. Free Domain Name
  • 4. 45 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 5. Stunning Uptime
  • 6. Free Website migration
  • 7. Multiple Datacenters
9.7 Get Started


Top 8 Best Web Hosting Canada 2022 for Small Business


  • Advanced security features
  • Knowledge-based customer support
  • Provide secondary custom control panel 
  • Great Uptime
  • guarantee extremely economical 
9.6 Get Started


Top 8 Best Web Hosting Canada 2022 for Small Business


  • Uptime (99.99%)
  • Great customer support
  • High-performance WordPress hosting
  • Free security add-ons
  • Easy e-commerce installation
  • Free website migration
9.5 Get Started




  • Stable uptime
  • Fast customer support
  • Free daily backup
  • Offers a free domain name for life
  • Honest and transparent pricing
9.4 Get Started




  • Excellent uptime (>99.99%) 
  • Fast page loading (424millisecond)
  • Affordable price 
  • Good safety features
  • Rich integrated plug-ins and e-commerce functions 
9.3 Get Started




  • Good page loading time
  • Fast customer support 
  • Free domain and website migration
  • Eco-friendly approach 
  • 30- Days money-back guarantee
9.2 Get Started

#1. Interserver- Best for Startups

InterServer is one of the most popular Web hosting Canada providers in the market.  InterServer has set up a benchmark since its launch.

Interserver- Best for Startups

Its services and customer support are phenomenal.

InsterServer always provides high performance for individuals and businesses.

Although the price is not the cheapest in the industry, if you are looking for high-quality hosting services, InterServer is the best choice.

Plans and Pricing 

$ 2.50/mo $ 10.00/mo $ 6.00/mo
Unlimited websites/domains  25 websites/ domains 1 website/ domains
cPanel Plesk cPanel
Litespeed IIS Apache
Unlimited Parked domains 10 Parked domains 1 Parked domains
No daily backups No daily backups Daily backups


InterServer is best when it comes to Customer Support. They provide 24/7  customer support, so if you get stuck anywhere. They are always there to help you.

Our thought 

InterServer is probably the best virtual host you can get. They have the best features in the market. 

 If you don’t want to spend too much money, then this is the most appropriate option.

#2. A2 Hosting- Best for Managed/ Unmanaged Hosting 

A2 Hosting is currently one of the best VPS Web hosting Canada providers. The services provided by A2 VPS hosting include Linux and Windows hosting web hosting.

A2 Hosting

It also provides you with unlimited space and bandwidth. You can also perform free site transfer through A2 hosting.  

The data center hosted by A2 is located in Michigan (USA), Arizona (USA), and Amsterdam (Europe). 

A2 hosting claims that they provide page loading speeds 20 times faster than any other web hosting provider.  

The best thing about them is that they provide free solid-state drives, unlimited free storage/transfer, and site migration. 

Plans and Pricing 

StartUp Drive Turbo Boost Turbo Max
$2.99 $5.99 $6.99 $12.99
1 website Unlimited websites Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites
100 GB SSD Storage  Unlimited SSD Storage Unlimited NVMe Storage Unlimited NVMeStorage
Free & Easy Site migration Free & easy site migration Free & easy site migration Free & easy site migration
No automatic backups Free Automatic backups  Free Automatic backups Free Automatic backups 
Money-back guarantee Money-back guarantee Money-back guarantee Money-back guarantee


A2 Hosting provides round-the-clock support to its customers. You are always helped by experts if you face any problem with your website. Our thought  

A2 hosting company is known for working seamlessly with all major content management systems which makes it ideal for web developers. 

So, you can surely try this hosting provider if you are a beginner.

#3. HostArmada- Fast & Reliable

HostArmada was established in 2019. HostAramda offers outstanding services to its users. 

Web Hosting Canada

HostArmada is One of the best Web hosting Canada Hosting and is a solid competitor to the other web hosting providers available in the market. 

HostArmada provides a complete hosting solution that will take care of every aspect of your website. All you need to do is buy their hosting and relax! 

As a webmaster, you will not face any problems if you choose web hosting services by HostArmada.

Plans and Pricing

Start Dock  Web Warp  Speed Reaper
$ 3.99 /mo $ 4.69 /mo $ 5.66 /mo
1 website Unlimited websites Unlimited websites
15 GB SSD Cloud storage  30 GB SSD Cloud storage  40  GB SSD Cloud storage 
Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth
7 Daily Backups  14 Daily Backups  21 Daily Backups 


HostArmada offers 24/7 customer support via Phone, Chats, and Tickets. Their Customer support is extremely fast so you will be helped within no time. 

Our thought 

HostArmada is better than the other web hosting options.

 If you are a newbie and looking for the cheap and best hosting for your website then HostAramda is just the right pick for you. 

#4. YouStable- WordPress Optimized Hosting 

There are a variety of  Hosting services, but the service that caught the most attention is YouStable

YouStable- WordPress Optimized Hosting 

YouStable is one the best WordPress Web Hosting Canada that Provides One time Basic SEO Optimized of your website and not only provides better hosting

than its competitors but also provides affordable plans that are just perfect for students and beginners. 

You will fall in love with the service once you try it yourself. 

This company offers you reliability and satisfaction. It is now one of the leading Hosting providers because of its commendable services. Let’s take a closer look.

Plans and Pricing 

YouStart YouProfessional YouElite
$1.20/ month $1.80/month $2.60/month
1 Website 10 Website Unlimited Website
.in free domain .in free domain .com free domain
5GB SSD space 50GB SSD space 100GB SSD space
100GB Bandwidth 250GB Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth
Free malware removal Free malware removal Free malware removal


Web Hosting Canada YouStable offers fast customer support in both Hindi and English. You will be guided by professionals who will assist you with every problem you have. 

Our thought 

Though YouStable is quite new in the market, its services are commendable. 

It has been giving the toughest competition to all its competitors out there. 

#5. Hostpapa- Best for small Business 

Another very popular Web Hosting Canada provider is HostPapa.  It is a Canadian host. 

The data center is located in the United States. 

HostPapa itself is very cheap, and it supports black discounts to ultra-low prices of $1/month. 

About Hostpapa

HostPapa is very suitable for website-building users. It provides free domain names, free SSL, and free CDN, and the service is also very good.  

 It provides one-click installation services for more than 40 programs such as WordPress, Joomla, WooCommerce, and Drupal. 

It is also very convenient for novice users. The program supported by HostPapa virtual host is PHP + MySQL

What else do you need?

Plans and Pricing 

Starter Business Business Pro
$ 2.77/ mo $ 2.77 / mo $ 9.07/mo
2 websites Unlimited websites Unlimited websites 
Free Domain registration Free Domain registration Free Domain registration
Unmetered Bandwidth  Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth
100 GB SSD Storage  Unlimited SSD Storage  Unlimited SSD Storage 


HostPapa offers multilingual customer support to help customers around the globe. No matter which country you belong to HostPapa is always there to help you.

Our thought 

HostPapa is the best Web hosting Canada company recommended by us. It has excellent uptime, fast page loading speed, and extremely responsive customer service.

It is very suitable for beginners who do not understand the technology and full-time mothers who want to work at home.

#6. Fastcomet- Managed Cloud Hosting

FastComet is a very tough player in the hosting market. 

It is headquartered in San Francisco and has more than 10,000 paying users. They operate from more than 10  data centers covering some major cities in the world.

Fastcomet- Managed Cloud Hosting

This company is also one of the few private companies in the hosting industry known for its reliable hosting services. 

FastComet has become one of the best virtual hosting companies.

 Plans and Pricing

FastCloud FastCloud Plus FastCloud Extra
$ 2.95/ mo $ 4.45/ mo $ 5.95 /mo
Single website Multiple websites Multiple websites
Free website transfer Free website transfer  Free website transfer 
15 GB SSD Space  25 GB SSD Space  35 GB SSD Space 
Free Domain Transfer Free Domain Transfer Free Domain Transfer


FastComet offers responsive customer support to its users. So whenever you face any issue with your website, they are always there to help you. 

Our thought 

FastComet has stable uptime, good customer support, and honest and transparent pricing. 

No Doubt, Fastcomet will turn out to be a cost-effective purchase!

#7. BlueHost Hosting- Best For managed WordPress Hosting 

BlueHost is the most popular brand in cheap Web Hosting Canada service Provider. 

 If you plan to create a website or blog, then BlueHost is worth a try.

BlueHost Hosting

You can find almost all hosting services you may need here, including VPS, dedicated server and WordPress Dedicated hosting. 

 Sounds great, Yeah it is!

 Plans and Pricing 

Basic  Plus Choice Plus Pro
$ 2.95/mo $ 5.45/mo $ 5.45 /mo $ 13.45/ mo
1 website Unlimited websites  Unlimited websites  Unlimited websites 
Free SSL Certificate  Free SSL Certificate  Free SSL Certificate  Free SSL Certificate 
Unmetered Bandwidth  Unmetered Bandwidth  Unmetered Bandwidth  Unmetered Bandwidth 
50 GB website space  Unmetered website space  Unmetered website space  Unmetered website space 


You can contact the support team through live chat and phone. 

The experts will reach out to you and will help you with your queries. 

Our thought 

Seeing the outstanding features and wonderful services BlueHost becomes a must-try option. 

#8. GreenGeeks- Eco-Friendly Hosting 

GreenGeeks has more than 300,000 websites with data centers in the United States and Canada. 

Web Hosting in canada

Even in the case of heavy traffic on the server, the page loads very fast. 

It was founded by Trey Gardener in 2006. Since then, the company understands the needs of customers who want to host their websites on web hosting Canada servers.

This is an eco-friendly web hosting canada company that has decided to abandon its positive energy footprint. That’s great!

Plans and Pricing

Lite  Pro Premium
$ 2.95/ mo $ 5.95 /mo $ 10.95 /mo
1 website  Unlimited websites Unlimited websites
Unlimited web space Unlimited web space Unlimited web space
Free nightly backup Free nightly backup Free nightly backup
Free CDN Free CDN Free CDN
30 Days money-back guarantee  30 Days money-back guarantee  30 Days money-back guarantee 


It provides strong customer support and can provide you with 24/7 service almost around the clock. 

Our thought 

Greengeeks provide stable host performance and good customer support, which is a very good option to consider.

Please note that if you want the lowest price, you need to sign up for a long-term hosting plan.

How We Test and Pick the Best Web Hosting for Canada?

You should pay attention to the following points before choosing a particular hosting:

  • Content management system
  • Data centers
  • Storage dimensions
  • Load
  • Variety of tariffs
  • Technical support

Content management system

The Hosting Should support such a function: 

Automatic installation of applications including WordPress. 

This function allows even a beginner to install the control system in a couple of clicks.

#1- Datacenters

A data center is a special building where hosting and all equipment for connecting users is located.

Sometimes your website can get blocked outside the defined region.

Therefore, pay special attention to the location of data centers.

#2- Storage dimensions

The storage is intended for storing site data (files, database, mail). It’s like the hard drive on your personal computer where all your files are stored.

For blogging on WordPress for the first year, 1-2 gigabytes will be enough. 

You need to pay special attention to the storage if you are planning to build a website. 

#3- Load

The load is usually created by users accessing the site. In other words, these are your visitors.

The more visitors, the greater the load.

While the site is young, it is almost impossible to calculate the load, since there is hardly any data. 

Therefore, you can start with the lowest rate and gradually acquire a more powerful one as the site grows.

But how to determine when to change the tariff?

You don’t have to worry here, the hoster will definitely inform you that the load exceeds the set limit. Also, it will offer you a suitable tariff for your project.

#4- Variety of tariffs

Depending on the set goals for the development of the site, it should be possible to expand the technical characteristics of the tariff plan.

Just choose the parameters that are ideal for your project.

#5- Technical support

The competence and quick response of the support service is actually a very important point when choosing a hosting provider.

In many cases, it is the incompetence of technical support that is the basis for switching to another hoster.

What makes the Best Web Hosting?

The best Web Hosting will fulfill each and every need of your website.

Web Hosting in canada

The right type of hosting will offer you stability, maximum uptime, and the most reliable customer support. 

The Hosting services that offer all the crucial services, that too at affordable rates are the Best Web Hosting Canada to choose.

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting for your Website?

Well, now you know how important it is to choose the right platform to host your website.

Now let’s look at step by step how to choose a hosting and what to look for.

Step 1. Calculate the technical characteristics of the project

Try to get the answer to the following questions: 

How much space does your site take, how many users are planned and what type of information they use, what data transfer speed is needed, how important is security?

Step 2. Decide on the type of hosting

This needs a bit of explanation:

  • If you just want to pay once, and you do not need large storage and data transfer speed, you can use the traditional type of hosting;
  • If you have a powerful project and you need the maximum storage volumes and speeds, then you should choose a dedicated server;
  • If you have a medium-sized project, you have predicted traffic and storage volumes and you know the approximate characteristics that will suit you, then you can easily choose a tariff on a virtual dedicated server.

Step 3. Find a hoster

Next, look at the opportunities that hosters offer you: 

RAM, storage, disc type, channel bandwidth, and additional things included in the price (certificates, protection, administration). 

You already know what you need and choose the hoster that can offer you all these at the lowest prices.

Step 4. Test hosting

It may happen that the hosting performance indicators declared by the hoster are not being met.

 Sometimes there are chances that you have chosen the wrong tariff and you need more or less space. 

The test period will help to avoid this! 

Step 5. Approve the tariff and place the project on hosting

Here you already know which hoster you want to work with.

 Now is the time to think about security, do not forget to connect those additional services that will ensure the safety of storing the data of your site users.

Step 6. Track payments

This is a very important point!

When the server stops for non-payment, after a while your data may also be deleted with it. 

Carefully study the terms of the agreement with the hoster. Always take care of the back-up.


What is the Best Web Hosting Platform?

This is indeed a difficult task to declare any hosting service, to be the best. Every type of hosting has its pros and cons. 

You can choose any of the hosting services from the list of handpicked hosting providers provided above. They are mentioned after reviewing their services to provide you with the best. 

Is Web Hosting Still Profitable?

Yeah, it is! Web Hosting allows you to make huge profits through reseller hosting. 

You can rebrand the hosting and offer discounts to make it compelling for the users to buy.

How much does it cost to host a webSite?

It totally depends on the need of your website. However, the price can be as low as $0.99 /mo.

I do not recommend buying an expensive server at the beginning itself.

Start with the simplest, then as the load grows, you can easily upgrade the tariff or move to another hosting plan or service. 

How much do you need to pay for Web Hosting Canada?

Web Hosting Canada charges you differently for the plan you opt for.  No need to worry about the charges, you will come across the cheapest plans that will just fit your purpose.

So, choose the plan that suits your pocket and fulfil the needs of your website.

Is Web Hosting Canada Good?

Of course, Web Hosting Canada is one of the most dominating and reliable hosting platforms to host your website. 

If you are a beginner and are confused about which hosting providers to choose. You can trust web hosting Canada blindly. They will not let you down.

GoogieHost Expert Advice

So, this was about the best Web Hosting Canada to choose from in 2022. 

There are always some questions in mind like Which is the perfect hosting to choose? 

Well, if you are a beginner and are hunting for a great option other than the ones mentioned, I would recommend you to go for GoogieHost. 

It is the most reliable Web Hosting service that I have come across. 

From security to price and quality, they always stand out in the crowd. I have never faced any problem with GoogieHost.

So, if you were looking for some expert advice, I would suggest you try GoogieHost ?. 

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