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Apr 29, 2022

Have you started a new website and thinking about which hosting to choose?

Moreover, starting the website is not always enough.

Managing it is the biggest challenge everyone faces while operating it.

Hence, your main work begins with picking the Best managed web hosting from the market of web hosting companies.

Believe me, a MANAGED WEB HOSTING SERVICE is the strongest pillar of your online business. Whether you are a beginner or an old player, your site’s core strength lies in the hosting type you select.

It ensures that your website does not collapse from any uncertainty. 

So, here am I with a list of Best Managed web Hosting in 2022, that can help you upgrade your online presence.

I hope that my favoured list assists you in choosing the Best managed web hosting.

Best Managed Web Hosting Comparison 

Seeing the ever-increasing competition in the market it is very difficult to distinguish between the genuine ones and the scammers. 

If you are a beginner you will always need some kind of guidance regarding which company to trust.

Best Managed Web hosting

 That’s what we are here for! 

So, congrats readers you have someone (of course me) to trust on. In this article, we have handpicked and listed the Best Managed Web Hosting Providers. 

If you have started from scratch with 0 views or if you are a well-established brand, these companies will never let you down. 

I am not blabbing, we have used the services by ourselves, and then we are here with the most honest review to help you find the best. 

Best Managed Web hosting 2022

#1. Interserver– Best for VPS Hosting

The first name that I will suggest is InterServer. It is one of the most dominating Hosting providers.

 InterServer is known for its outstanding features that cover almost every need of your website.  InterServer has set up a benchmark since its launch.

It provides the most reliable and trustworthy customer support. 

Interserver Best managed Web Hosting

InterServer aims at 100% customer satisfaction and it always provides high performance for individuals and businesses.

It is the most recommended option if the price is not your priority. 

Interserver is a worth trying option if you are looking for a great and reliable platform to host your project.  

Plans and Pricing

$ 5/mo $ 8/mo $ 8/mo
Unlimited websites/domains  25 websites/ domains 1 websites/ domains
cPanel Plesk cPanel
Litespeed IIS Apache
Unlimited Parked domains 10 Parked domains 1 Parked domains
No daily backups No daily backups Daily backups


InterServer provides round clock Customer service to its customers. They make sure that each and every query is solved as soon as possible. 

You can reach out to them when you feel that there is some problem and they will get it solved within no time. 


InterServer offers highly secure services and they make sure that your data is absolutely safe. 

Our thought 

InterServer is one of my favorite Best Managed Web Hosting providers. I would always recommend you try out their Hosting solutions no matter how small or big your project is. 

#2. A2 Hosting- Best Managed/Unmanaged Web Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the best VPS hosting providers in the market.

It provides outstanding features and services and will make you tension free!

Best managed Web Hosting

The services include Linux and Windows hosting web hosting.

 A2 Hosting provides absolutely free site migration along with unlimited space and bandwidth. 

The data centers are located in Michigan (USA), Arizona (USA), and Amsterdam (Europe). 

A2 hosting claims that they provide page loading speeds 20 times faster than any other web hosting provider.  

Plans and Pricing 

StartUp Drive Turbo Boost Turbo Max
$ 2.99/mo $ 4.99/mo $ 9.99/mo $ 14.99/mo
1 website Unlimited websites Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites
100 GB SSD Storage  Unlimited SSD Storage Unlimited NVMe Storage Unlimited NVMeStorage
Free & Easy Site migration Free & easy site migration Free & easy site migration Free & easy site migration
No automatic backups Free Automatic backups  Free Automatic backups Free Automatic backups 
Money-back guarantee Money-back guarantee Money-back guarantee Money-back guarantee


A2 hosting guarantees 24/7 customer support to help out the customers when they have trouble.

You can contact them whenever you face any issue and the professionals will make sure that your problem is fixed.


A2 Hosting provides an SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Lamanyer) that verifies a website’s identity. 

Additionally, it encrypts data sent between the website and its server. 

This offers an added layer of security!

Our thought  

The best thing about A2 Hosting is that they provide free solid-state drives, unlimited free storage/transfer, and site migration. 

#3. HostArmada

HostAramada is another great option to pick due to its commendable performance and customer satisfaction. 

Best managed Web Hosting

The company laid its foundation in 2019. Not very old, but still a great hosting provider. HostAramda offers outstanding services to its users. 

It is a complete hosting package that will take care of every aspect of your project.

 All you need to do is to put your faith in them and they will make sure you don’t regret it! 

As a webmaster, you will not face any problem if you choose web hosting services by HostArmada.

Plans and Pricing

Start Dock  Web Warp  Speed Reaper
$ 3.99 /mo $ 4.69 /mo $ 5.66 /mo
1 website Unlimited websites Unlimited websites
15 GB SSD Cloud storage  30 GB SSD Cloud storage  40  GB SSD Cloud storage 
Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth
7 Daily Backups  14 Daily Backups  21 Daily Backups 


HostAramda offers responsive customer support to its users. So whenever you face any issue with your website, they are always there to help you.


HostArmada offers thick layers of security firewalls. They offer everything to protect the websites and web.

Our thought 

HostAramada has stable uptime, good customer support, and affordable pricing.

No Doubt, Fastcomet will turn out to be a cost-effective purchase!

#4. YouStable- Affordable and best Support

YouStable is my favourite hosting provider when it comes to Best managed Web Hosting. 

Though there are a variety of Hosting services, YouStable is somewhat unique!

Best Managed Web Hosting in 2022: Fastest Managed Server

It not only provides better hosting than other Hosting providers but it also offers super affordable pans that can make any customer fall in love with them.

It is perfect for students and beginners. 

You will realize the difference once you try it yourself. 

This company will provide you with everything you need for the perfect functioning of your website.

 It offers you reliability and satisfaction. 

You don’t have to go anywhere when YouStable is right here…

Plans and Pricing 

DA Start DA Professional DA Elite
$ 13.5 / yr $ 25.5/ yr $ 39/yr
1 website 10 websites Unlimited websites
2 GB SSD Storage  15 GB SSD Storage  100 GB SSD Storage 
15 GB Bandwidth 150 GB Bandwidth 500 GB Bandwidth
Free website migration  Free website migration  Free website migration 


YouStable provides customer support in both Hindi and English.

You can contact the support team through live chat and phone. The experts will reach out to you and will help you with your queries. 


YouStable offers flawless security and better data security. You will never have the fear of your data being leaked or damaged. 

Our thought 

Seeing the outstanding features and wonderful services YouStable becomes a must-try option. 

#5. Hostpapa

HostPapa is a Canadian host. The data center is located in the United States. 

Best Managed Web Hosting

HostPapa is believed to provide the cheapest hosting plans and it also offers huge discounts to ultra-low prices of $1/month. 

HostPapa is very suitable for beginners who are starting from scratch. It offers free domain names, free SSL, and free CDN, and the services are worth appreciating.  

 It provides one-click installation services for more than 40 programs such as WordPress, Joomla, WooCommerce, and Drupal. 

What are you waiting for?

 Plans and Pricing

Starter Business Business Pro
$ 1.36/ mo $ 2.04 / mo $ 9.57/mo
2 websites Unlimited websites Unlimited websites 
Free Domain registration Free Domain registration Free Domain registration
Unmetered Bandwidth  Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth
100 GB SSD Storage  Unlimited SSD Storage  Unlimited SSD Storage 


It provides strong customer support and can provide you with 24/7 service almost around the clock. 


HostPapa offers three SiteLock packages (Detect, Remove, and Shield). They will make sure that your needs are fulfilled and your data is secure. 

 Our thought 

HostPapa provides stable host performance and good customer support. They provide almost everything you need for your project. 

How We Test and Pick the Best Managed Web Hosting for You?

We don’t shoot arrows in the air because we realize the importance of the right web hosting for you. 

We believe in providing the best yet reliable information to you so that you always make the right decisions.

Every review that we provide is written after in-depth research and detailed analysis.

We keep in the mind the following points:

We take care that the services that we refer, proffers reliability of web server. 

Server concept illustration Free Vector

We will recommend you choose a provider that allows you to upgrade your server.

Well, server latency is nothing but the time in which the visitors get connected to your web page. 

It is usually measured in milliseconds. So, the right Hosting will assure a great server latency.

It is very important that the visitors to the right web page. Here is when redirections come into play. 

The host must provide the appropriate redirections to make sure that the visitors do not jump to the wrong page and duplicate content can be prevented using redirections. 

Server Uplink is a connection between the server and the internet for collecting high traffic.

You can easily understand why I am mentioning this because traffic is what matters the most!

  • Types of Disk Space (Nvme SSD, SSD, HDD)-

Disk space is the amount of storage that a host provides for storing your files and data.

 The type of disk space plays an important role too. You must notice what type of disk space you are being offered.

Web hosts typically list the type and amount of  disk space they offer on their sites along with details of their plans and pricing

Well, this is the most crucial part as this will create an impression in the user’s mind. The faster the better!

 No one would like to wait for your page to get loaded. They will automatically jump onto the next option. 

Best Managed Web Hosting

So, your Host must provide a stable uptime to ensure your online presence. 

So, we take care that the Hosting Services that we recommend, provide a great uptime so that you and your website do not lag behind. 

Customer support is a much needed service especially when you are a beginner. 

Best Managed Web hosting

You never know how badly you can mess up, so you will always need a piece of expert advice to escape from blunders.

Payment method is another very noteworthy feature, that we take into consideration before recommending any Hosting Provider.

The convenience of payment matters!

Does your host offer a free trial period and refund policies?

What if you do not like their services or they do not meet up to your expectations. 

In that case, we will always recommend you to go for a hosting service that gives you time to analyze their services. 

What makes a Best Managed Web Hosting?

Hosting is a service that is necessary for the functioning and finding your site on the Internet. 

The latter, as you know, potentially allows you to attract the attention of millions of users around the world.

Good hosting ensures that your content is served smoothly, gives your visitors a great experience, and attracts more and more new people to your site.

The Best Managed hosting is the best in terms of reliability, security performance, and most importantly the pricing and features. 

You must look at every aspect before buying any particular hosting. The Best Managed Web Hosting will offer you maximum features at the lowest prices. 

What makes a Best Managed Web Hosting?

If you are running a business card site, a small blog, or a narrowly thematic information portal, you will always need a Hosting service to store your data. 

Suppose you already have several hosting provider options in mind, and you want to check if these sites will meet all your requirements, and if their capabilities are enough for the stable operation of your site. 

Study the tips below and you can already drop a couple of providers from your list.

Explore the technical specifications

A server is an ordinary computer, which has the same elements inside as your stationary PC but the server hardware capacity is much higher. 

Just imagine – one server can host several thousand sites, and your project will be just one of them.

Of course, each site on the server, like any program on the computer, will “eat” RAM and consume the resources of the central processor.

 Normal hosting will constantly monitor the load on the server,  and make sure that each site is working properly, within the framework of the tariff plan provided to it.

Check Server Load

Every normal provider has two to three dozen server machines.

 It is almost impossible to guess which one of them your site will land on. 

How, then, can you check the server load without paying for the hosting service?

Simple: all reputable, self-respecting providers provide their customers with a free trial period. 

It will help us understand how heavily loaded the hosting servers are, and what their characteristics are.

To get the most complete picture,  you need to install special scripts instead of the site and wait a few days,  receiving detailed reports – server statistics. 

This will show you how fast PHP files are processed and how fast you can access MySQL databases.

Determine the Channel Load

The channel load is easier to determine than the server load!

 There are many special services that allow you to check the ping.  They work according to the following principle:

You copy the site address into the appropriate line. Computers from different parts of the world establish a connection to the site.

You are provided with the test result. It is recommended to collect statistics for a week as well.

These services are free, but many of them require registration.

Put the Support Team to The Test

A lot can depend on the managers of the hosting provider.

 For example, the speed of solving any problems with the site. 

You can test the call-center during the entire free test period provided by the hoster.

 Ask your support questions as often as possible – Don’t be shy!

 Well, and at the same time evaluate the speed, usefulness, and competence of their answers.

Yay! You are done. Now, choose which hosting met your expectations and go for it!

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